Why Would People Pay Me When They Can Pay To The Mainstream Gurus

Listen up, coaches!

You gotta STOP this inner monologue

“Why Would People Pay Me When They Can Pay To Tony Robbins/Joe Dispenza/T.Harv Eker/Deepak Chopra…?”

I hear you but...

I’m honestly tired of hearing this excuse

And seeing you guys getting in your own way.

When you can

Take care of your finances

Go full time with into your calling

And most importantly

To change the lives of several people

Waiting for you to step up

Your assumption isn’t an absolute truth...

I remember taking this late-night flight about 2 years back to Dubai

And I arrived at Dubai International Airport early morning

I was in the need of some caffeine


I saw a vending machine near the luggage counter.

While standing at this vending machine

I had 3 choices:

  • Redbull
  • Titan
  • Power-horse

Can you guess which one I picked?

If you’ve guessed the Redbull

Then you’re right

Here’s a question for you,

Can you guess why I picked Redbull?

  • Is it because it gives you the wings?
  • Is it because they advertise in F1 Racing Events?
  • Is it because they sponsored on a moon mission?

May or may not be

Let me explain

I wasn’t familiar with either Titan or Power-House back in India

So I dialed the code of Redbull on that Vending Machine

The machine dropped the Redbull

The reason why I picked Redbull over the other energy drinks is

Because I was way more familiar with this brand

Wait for it!

In the last 15 years or so,

I’ve been seeing:

  • The Ads Of Redbull on the TV,
  • Its Hoardings on the highways
  • Its sponsorship on IPL Cricket League for years
  • Its Ads on the internet

This factor is called Familiarity Bias

Redbull was my choice that day because of the familiarity bias.

We tend to go with something we’re more familiar with

The same thing applies to your business as well

Even though you may think that:

This Mainstream Coach is far more known

This Mainstream Life Coach has millions of the followers

This Mainstream Life Coach is an author of a “New York’s Best Seller”

Here’s a little known secret about your mainstream coach

-Your mainstream coach isn’t available to interact with people one on one.

-Your mainstream coach isn’t able to see what’s going on the daily basis of his/her potential clients.

-Your mainstream coach isn’t half as approachable as you’re (if you play the fb game right)

I have some EXCITING news for you!

If you’re using your Facebook profile the right way


You have a tendency to appear far more frequently on your potential client’s feed.

Facebook has been killing the reaches of Facebook pages since 2017

And currently, it is somewhere between 3-6%

Facebook pages in 2021 are a pay-to-play game.

Don’t get me wrong

I still think that it is worth paying for paid traffic via Facebook.

But if you don’t understand the nuances,

You can potentially lose a lot of money with no returns whatsoever.

I had one friend from affiliate marketing niche who burned her 8K on ads

And lost all of the money.

Now let’s look at some of the mathematical sides of a page reaches, shall we?

  • For every 10,000 people on your page
  • Only 300-500 of them can see the content
  • Only about 30-50 of them are gonna engage

Even when your content is exceptionally great

Facebook is a well-used platform all over the world because Facebook pushes content from profiles far more than from pages.

The reason is simple:

Facebook wants you to give an amazing user-experience

So they want to show less of the ads and more of the content from your friends, families & colleagues.

There’s your chance to get the familiarity bias to be on your side.

I mean Facebook prefers the content from the profiles over the pages.

You on the other hand

When you post your content with authenticity & show them a side of your life.

You’ll start building your own tribe of people who are happy to pay you for your skills & time.

The familiarity bias becomes your friend.

People feel more connected with you than an established person in your niche because:

  • You are relatable
  • You are approachable
  • You are engaging with them.

So where do I get the edge?

  • If you use your Facebook profile(not page) your content is likely to be seen more.
  • The best way to build a Genuine Life Coaching Business is to build on the principle of H2H Selling - Human To Human Selling.
  • You can see their life - they can see yours - relatability factor
  • You have the advantage of writing content which is more relevant to them as you’re seeing their life on a daily basis.
  • A mainstream expert will never talk 1-1 to their potential clients( If you suck at it, I can teach you that)

P.S. - This Picture was actually taken at the airport

About the Author Karan Asthana

Karan is the Owner of the Empath Code. &

He helps purpose-driven, heart-led coaches to live a fulfilled life. &

Currently, He's doing that by helping such coaches to take their online coaching business online to get the sense of fulfillment by building the business from scratch to help coaches change more lives to feel the higher fulfillment high.