"Karan is a brilliant & knowledgeable coach. He is dedicated to what he does & he keeps on giving more & more to his clients"

Sonia Maria,Ireland

"I started consuming your thought provoking content and was blown away by the value, passion and inspiration it gave me.

Then, you suddenly weren't as active on social media for couple of days, probably just taking care of personal stuff outside your business. I kept on checking my email if by chance I have missed your email."

Liza Hauer

I literally get messaged by billions of coaches everyday, but after interacting with you I knew you were different


What Karan's Students Have to Say...

Anyone who has talked to him can tell that this man has a big pure heart.

Avi p - dating coach

He gives his 110% in his session by diving deep and making the concepts simple to understand.

royce jones - empowerment coach

It was a great learning experience for Karan in his 12-week program.
He gives his 110% in his session by diving deep and making the concepts simple to understand.

I always had this feeling that I want more of his coaching.

I would recommend him anytime for his coaching program as along with business/marketing part , he cover mindset/spirituality as well, that's a big bonus. 

Karan deeply cares about you.

Candace grant - personal wellness coach

Karan deeply cares about you. He's a friend & a coach you can count up on. It is nice to have someone that cares and willing to support us in our of journey of becoming a better coach" -

Now They See Me As A Genuine Human Being Who Wants To Help Them.

ABHI c - vocal coach

One of the best learning with was him was specifically towards the reaching people out. From being seen as spammy, scammy. Now, they see me as a genuine human being who wants to help them.

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Crystal castle

She’s been a mindfulness & meditation coach for 14+ years And, she compares my program with the “Industry leaders”

A Mindset mentor for 30+ Years...

Meet Nicole Garnier, She's been a Transformation Coach (Hypnotherapist & Mindset Mentor for last 30+ years)

A kind of experienced person who knows the ins & the outs of her business.

But she's still astonished by what kind of value I offer in consulting

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Candace Grant

See What Candace Grant Says About Us

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