How To Move From Promotion Tab To Primary Tab?

Apparently gmail is super cautious with the quality control.

Lots of my email consists gifs & images.
Probably gmail's algorithm doesn't like that

But its alright,
You can receive my emails right at your primary inbox.

Here's a super quick tutorial on how to move the newsletter from Promotion tab to the Primary one:

How to do it from the desktop?

If you access your emails through your laptop/desktop,
here's how it can be done:

Step 1: Right Click On My Email

Step 2: Right Click on it and Select Move Tab

Step 3:  Select the Primary Tab!

And Its Done!

How To Do It From The Mobile App?

Here's what you need to do in case you're using your mobile's Gmail app:
It's pretty much Similar but I'm still gonna share this with you guys!

Here for an instance we'll move Deepak Chopra's email to my primary inbox

Step 1: Head To The Promotion Tab - Open the Email

Step 2: Click on the Top 3 vertical dots

On the top right side of your phone's screen. Select Move to

Step 3: Select Primary

And you're set to receive rest of emails!

Told You Its Not Rocket Science!

Just kidding!!
Enjoy your day

And I'll send you the emails soon.

About the Author Karan Asthana

Karan is the Owner of the Empath Code. &

He helps purpose-driven, heart-led coaches to live a fulfilled life. &

Currently, He's doing that by helping such coaches to take their online coaching business online to get the sense of fulfillment by building the business from scratch to help coaches change more lives to feel the higher fulfillment high.