How To Harness The Power Of Discounts For Your High Ticket Coaching Services,DFY Services Like Funnel Building

The Thing About The Desert Safari is…

If You lack the sense of the directionYou are predetermined that you’ll be lost into the No-man’s land

The Vast No-Man’s-Land of the confusion & overwhelm.

Doesn’t matter if you’re

In the middle of
Sahara Desert
Nevada in USA

or The Rajasthan, India

The Same Goes With Discounting

If you are Selling Your Coaching Or Your DFY Services Like Funnel Designing

The lack of sense of the direction will lead you to a no-man’s land.

I was in a similar place when I stepped my feet into the space of online business about a few years ago

Back then….

I thought would convey my language of love for the people who were interested in my consulting.

The lack of understanding behind the psychology and structure of the discounts lead me to

Have the wrong kind of clients that want me to do all the heavy lifting all by myself

Too Much of follow up

But Here’s The Interesting Part…

I learnt this huge lesson from there About the Discounting and that is: 

Discounts Are NOT About You:

Being Reactive about discount is the worst way to go about it. You’ll look needy & You’ll lose the Halo Effect

The Right Approach is Being PROACTIVE About the Discounts.

Here’s Are Right Events To Structure Your Discounts

  • Prelaunch
  • Beta Offer
  • VSL
  • Landing Page
  • Discount exclusively on the Sales Calls

If You’ve come so far in this article I want to share a HUGE Secret About The Discounting

When Discounting Works In Your Favor?


  1. The Buying Temperature of the traffic is between Warm to Hot
  2. Making The Fence-Sitter take the leap: It works with the people who already want to get your High Ticket Coaching or service but are sitting on the fence and are looking for an incentive that allows them to take the decision.
  3. When People are in the buying mode: example a One Time Offer After a main purchase.


I’m not sure if I can help you to navigate from a No-man’s desert land.

But You have my assurance for The Discount Part.

Until Next Time,


Action Steps:

Write These Two Points Down On Your White Board Before Your Plan Your Content, Marketing Strategy or Even An Online Course Launch Sequence.

About the Author Karan Asthana

Karan is the Owner of the Empath Code. &

He helps purpose-driven, heart-led coaches to live a fulfilled life. &

Currently, He's doing that by helping such coaches to take their online coaching business online to get the sense of fulfillment by building the business from scratch to help coaches change more lives to feel the higher fulfillment high.