Hi, I’m
Karan Asthana

I'm known for teaching how to grow your purpose driven coaching businesses online through sales & marketing methods that are authentic so that you feel congruent with your intrinsic values,make money & transform lifes

I help Life Coaches, RTT Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Mindset Coaches To Start Their Business Online by helping you build a minimal business first using social media without any paid ads.


I don't believe in teaching the sleazy salesman skills.

I emphasize on building the authentic connection and that's what you need to do when you're getting started.

I believe in the Incremental Learning.

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read, so I know I have to earn your trust with every post I make. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.

Nerding Out On Self Learning

Nerding out on educating myself since forever

I was kind of drawn to entrepreneurship as far as I remember the first year of my college life.

I'm nerding out on the psychology. marketing, sales, self help ever since I was in the college.

I was kind of drawn to learning more & more about it.

Just to discover who am I....

It is one of the reason why I was able to build a career in marketing,
despite of having a degree in Computers (I hate programming....)

As a person who has been constantly learning stuff on his or either by buying books or from enrolling in various courses.

It all started during my college days...

I was always up to something,..

One day I was going back home from my college & I was hungry, so I stopped by a store & there I saw some wafers

Funny thing is that this store had all the wafers which were imported

All of the choices I had to pick from...

Were totally unfamiliar to me 

On my way back to home

I was thinking about why did I pick this particular brand even though all of the brands I was equally unaware of.

From that point perhaps I was drawn to learn more about  psychology, marketing & ultimately sales.

I mean I am not that guy who would brag about how many books he has read but I'm more on the implementation side.

I was not just learning stuff but I was gaining the practical experience:

  • I have spent about 2.5 years to build a YouTube Channel in Fitness Niche (17K Subs)
  • Built a dropshipping store
  • Did some freelance marketing online

A Story From Dubai to Delhi

I was working in Dubai as a Corporate Marketer in a real estate company.
I sure did enjoyed my work

It was a place where I was working owned & run by a humble guy
Who also started from the scratch

I was decently paid
I was living in one of the world's most luxurious cities.
Ended up making some of the great connection from different countries


The work got repetitive


Was not able to get myself surrounded with people with whom I can talk about my passion or talk about the book I am reading.

It almost felt like I am wearing a mask....
It was a point where I felt the lack of a purpose...


It almost reached to a point where I felt that I am having an identity crisis....

Eventually this lifestyle got snowballed over the months & years that I felt that I was losing the essence of myself...
I was not able to take time out from the things I love the most and the things that were associate with my being like:

  • Meditating daily
  • Reading books
  • Spending some time alone after spending weeks & weeks with people(Its draining for introverts)
  • Working out
  • Diet

All of this resulted in

  • Lowering my self esteem
  • Gaining Sh*t tons of weight
  • Weak eyesight

So... What's the plan now?

I'm sure that you must be wondering what I was planning when I was going through this?

I knew that its not about getting another job.
I was constantly searching for a way to get myself out of the 9-5 world.

It was mentally draining to come back from work
And then work till late
And then go back to work again...next morning

I realized that I need someone to guide me...

One of the things which made sense to me at that point of time was affiliate marketing...
So I ended up hiring an affiliate marketing coach

I worked with him for 6 months...

The biggest plot twist of all times...

In 2020, I decided to say good-bye to the corporate life & to Dubai as well

It made sense to me as all I need was just to make 4 sales a month to earn a little bit extra than my salary!

I clicked this picture when my resignation letter got accepted & I was on a notice period...

As I expected, I got a mixed reaction from people

  • Some close ones were really happy
  • Some were looking down upon my decision

"...But Karan you shouldn't have left your job, Market is so bad right now"

"… You should have saved more"

Honestly, I was in a secure place in my life where I have enough self-esteem to have more faith in myself than anyone's opinion.

I almost picked up affiliate marketing....

As a way to quit my job...
I made my mind up to go for affiliate marketing

But something strange happened over my notice period...

I remember during that period I felt lighter & I was able to meditate again regularly...

I just had this experience one day while meditating...

It was one of those experiences which still makes my hands shiver, makes my eyes a bit moist.
I remember having this magical experience hearing a voice saying.

Do you just wanna live life JUST for your OWN GOOD?

Something changed biochemistry at that moment.
It's difficult to even realize that sometimes such simple words can move you in the tears.

When I look back at my life I see that there were several coaches from different spheres of my life....

Who became a coach for the betterment of others...
The day I realised this, was the day when the Idea of Empath Code was born.

If it wasn't a higher purpose,
I wouldn't have waited for first 4 months of starting Empath Code

To get my first client...

It is the higher purpose which lets me to put an all-nighter
(incase you might have seen me online on Facebook on odd times)

Realization of the BIGGER PURPOSE

Affiliate Marketing was just a reaction to the pain I was going through...

Luckily, I realized that I was not just looking for FREEDOM for me but for a BIGGER CAUSE.

Empowering other (life) coaches who are purpose drive but they lack the tools & knowledge on the marketing side became my BIGGER PURPOSE I was searching for and that's how the...


Wait...There's more to the story

8th August 2020:

Departed from DXB International Airport,
Arrived at IGI International Airport - New Delhi

Chilling in a 5 Star for 2 weeks because of COVID...

Since that day, 

I haven't looked back to the Corporate world

  • I'm happier than I was there
  • I am able to get my introvert time
  • I am able to take care of my health now...
  • Able to do my spiritual practices regularly

    Most Importantly...

I'm able to give my time & energy something far more bigger than me

About Karan Asthana.

Karan is the Owner of the Empath Code.
He helps purpose-driven, heart-led coaches to live a fulfilled life. &

Currently, He's doing that by helping such coaches to take their online coaching business online to get the sense of fulfillment by building the business from scratch to help coaches change more lives to feel the higher fulfillment high.