The SECRET Ingredient Of AMAZON’S Success

On the occasion of this festive month,

Can I share a HUGE secret with you?

A Secret We All Can Learn From A Billionaire.

A Secret which we can adapt as a coach

A Secret that makes the business thrive.

Businesses that thrive NOT only Today

Businesses that thrive NOT only This Month

Businesses that thrive NOT only This Year

But for the years to come

Before I reveal that,

let me ask you this:


Is it IQ?

Is it hard-work?

Is it smart-work?

Is it some sort of genetic advantage?

What is it?

To get this answer,Let’s look at one of the Global Company. Shall we?

The Founder of this Global Company just crossed the mark.

A mark $200 Billion Dollar Net Worth

I’m talking about Jeff Bezos

The Founder of Amazon

Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994

The Trait which Jeff Bezos & Amazon had from its initial days wasThey were CUSTOMER OBSESSED

They were CUSTOMER OBSESSED since those initial days.

I have ordered products from Amazon both in India & in Dubai

And if there are some problems.

Their customer support staff always supports you.

You might have gone a gift card too from Amazon in-case of any problem


They still continue to stick to a core value called “CUSTOMER OBSESSION

They put intensive research into their new ventures too

Prime Video & Kindle Store are based on the Customer Obsession principle

They invest a lot of money & other resources to

Understand their customers deeply & to cater them

And I feel that it is one of the major secrets which makes a business thrive in the long-run.

More than that it’s relevant to us as coaches

With that said,

I have taken some inspiration to go underground for the next 7-10 days


Facebook is like a black-hole

It can eat all of your time.

I have to create this AMAZING COURSE for you guys so that I can cater to you at my best.

Customer Obsession is something which aligns with my own intrinsic values

I have to get a lot of things to get done in the next few days:

  • Outlining the course
  • Writing down the modules
  • Creating Presentations
  • Recording & Doing The Voice Overs
  • Some Graphic Work
  • Naming Few Of My Self Invented Methods
  • Plus tons of goof ups, roadblocks & iterations

And Much More…

For creating the mini-course.

I have to learn a few new software in the next 25 days

But in order to create a course which ACTUALLY helps you, I need your help!

There are two ways of creating a course:

  • Create a MEDIOCRE course with your own assumptions or limited feedback


  • Create a PHENOMENAL course by actually understanding the exact needs of what exactly your audience needs.

I pick the latter one

While I can’t create the most good looking course

Hosted on an expensive platform

But I still can create a course which will help you a lot!

So I request the students of this unnamed course to join My Slack channel,

So that we can go back & forth.This is much better than email

I can ask you questions there

👉I need to understand exactly understand where you at?

👉What are some biases which are stopping you to move forward?

👉What’s the best possible way to get your wheels moving?

I still have answers from you guys in those forms.

But here’s my CUSTOMER OBSESSION part kicks in

I need to ask you guys further more questions

I don’t want to gift you something mediocre

I don’t want to create something mediocre just because it’s free.

I’ll drop the invite link below to join my slack channel.Let me know if the post was helpful by ❤️ this post.

I’d like to hear about the #1 Takeaway from this post?👇

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About the Author Karan Asthana

Karan is the Owner of the Empath Code. &

He helps purpose-driven, heart-led coaches to live a fulfilled life. &

Currently, He's doing that by helping such coaches to take their online coaching business online to get the sense of fulfillment by building the business from scratch to help coaches change more lives to feel the higher fulfillment high.