REVEALED: The Forbidden Secrets Used Only By 2-3% Super Successful Life Coaches

(A must-read for those who use NLP, EFT, RTT, or Strategic Interventions in their practice)

Do me a favor

Go to your bookshelf

Pick two of these books

📙Pick Awaken the Giant Within written by Tony Robbin

📘Pick The Big Book Of NLP

Do you know the DIFFERENCE between both of them?

The first one is an International Best Seller

The other one is known by a handful of NLP practitioners

🤔Does it make you think?

How a book becomes an International Best Seller &

The other one is known to a very small audience

Even though both of them are written on the same topic?

You’re not alone to think that!

A book well known for over 2 decades

-Owned by CEOs

-Owned by Corporate Managers

-Owned by Athletes

-Owned by people in self-help space

-Owned by Entrepreneurs, High performers

-And many others…

And the other one


It is only owned by a bunch of nerds like you and me

Even though, It’s MORE comprehensive

The question is:

“What Tony Has Done Differently To Be Well Known Even Though There Are People Who Might Have A Better Understanding Than Him About NLP?”

Here’s a fun experiment

Go to your Toastmasters or your local reading club

Ask about Richard Bandler & John Grinder

I bet most of them don’t even know that these two guys invented NLP


Tony Robbins is more famous than the inventors themselves


Being good at coaching skills is just one part of the puzzle

Tony Robbins is well known than other authors or teachers who teach the same thing because

He was aware of the other part of the puzzle as well.

So what is the other part of the puzzle, you ask?

Tony Robbins knew that coaching skills alone can’t help him to create a huge impact.

He learned and MODELED a lot of business skills in the early days of his career.

The other part of the puzzle is the Business Skills.


If we just look at the “Awaken The Giant Within”

The title of the book has a MASS APPEAL

Which TITLE engages your curiosity and attention more?

Awaken the giant within vs A BIG BOOK OF NLP

If your answer is Awaken The Giant Within

Then we’re on the same page 😃


The Subhead of the Book

“How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny”

Gives a big promise which makes the reader read the book


Compare the chapter title of the books

In Awaken the giant it goes something like:

-Can Change Happen Immediately?

-How To Change Anything in Your life?

-How To Get What You Really Want

Big Book of NLP:

-The Swish



Which one has Chapter Titles to create a curiosity to read the chapters?

We both know it 😉

Whether you use NLP, EFT, RTT, or SI for your clients

In Order To

-Get More Your Name Out There

-Get More People To Know About You

-Get More Audience

-Get More Clients

-Create A Bigger Impact

You need to learn some NEW skills:

So what are those skills, Karan?

Here’s some TRUTH about the life of your audience.

They are NOT thinking about your NEXT ARTICLE.

They are thinking about

👉The bills they need to pay

👉The time when they have to pick their kids from the school

👉If they’re gonna get the salary on time with everything on going

Your audience is PREOCCUPIED

Even if you have GREAT INTENTIONS for them,

You need to learn How To Gain & Sustain Their Attention so that they read the articles.

So you need to get good at getting and sustaining the attention of your target audience

Here’s another important skill:

Out of both of the books,

I vaguely remember a story from Awaken The Giant Within About

Two guys faced a bad accident. One of them became US President in years to come & the other one just gave up on himself.

Stories are super-powerful💯

👌They explain a complex concept with simplicity

👌Makes it memorable

👌Build a bond & credibility with your audience.


Storytelling is another asset which will massively help you to stand out


Every single person who has some sort of NLP has spoken about 4 types of fears.

The question is can you stand out with the same information?

The answer is YES!

Use some elements of storytelling,

Give it your own unique blend

& You’re good to go.

Every single person who has some sort of NLP has spoken about 4 types of fears. to go.

🤩Here’s the JUICIEST CHUNK of this post🤩

The Biggest Secrets which is only understood by only 2-3% of the people in the life coaching space is Market Awareness.

There are 4 Stages of Awareness

-Unaware of the problem

-Aware of the problem but unaware of the solution

-Aware of the problem, Aware of Solution but not aware of your solution

-Aware of your solution but not acting upon it

Tony Robbins Books appeal to the mainstream audience & it gives them a lot of value.

He & many other well-known authors see where the masses are in the awareness & write to that portion of the audience.

Let’s say tools like NLP, EFT, RTT & SI can help masses

And masses are not aware of these techniques but about their problems.

Then talk more & more about their problem & the end goal

But how do you reach them?

👉You reach them by avoiding the TECHNICAL JARGONS

👉You reach them by understanding the MASS DESIRE

👉You reach them by learning how to get and sustain their ATTENTION

👉You reach them by STORYTELLING

🤔What is that they want in their life?

❌They don’t want to learn the tricks and tools to be confident,

✅They want to be confident so that they can crack the job interviews,

feel comfortable at networking events.

❌They don’t want to learn about the tools which will help them to get rid of anxiety


✅They want to get rid of anxiety so that they don’t feel pressurized in social settings,

They can meet new people

Go on dates

Meet someone that will make them fulfilled.

You see

👉It’s all about talking about the END RESULTS & understanding their DESIRES from a place of AUTHENTIC EMPATHY.

A majority of your potential audience is NOT even aware of these tools,

👉So start by talking about the end RESULTS and benefits they can get.

There are BILLIONS of people who’s life could be changed for good,if:

The cover of your book(Or the title of your post/blog/newsletter)

Talks about:

✅The Benefits

✅The End Goal

✅Their Desires

Which you can help them achieve

❌Instead of telling them about this cool technique

🤔But Karan, I just went online with my business, how do I find clients?

Let me give you some counterintuitive advice – Don’t create a website or hire a digital marketer or website designer yet.

Start getting clients from Facebook.

❌No, I am not talking about running paid ads before even getting profitable but using your own Facebook profile.

❌The organic reach of pages is dead, it won’t show it to a lot of people unless you pay them money.

👉So start with your own account, set it up like how you’d have set your website.

👉Write posts like you’d have published content on the blog.

👉It’s probably one of the best methods to start your coaching business.

✅No other form of social media marketing will allow you to build a two-sided relationship with your audience.

✅On Facebook, you can interact 1 on 1,

✅They can look into their world, you can look into theirs.

✅Probably the BEST METHOD I have come across to do the market research quickly & understand the world of my audience.

That’s all folks!


1.)Coaching skills are only one part of the puzzle(BUSINESS SKILLS is the other)

2.)You get judged by the title of your book(Or the headline of your article)

3.)A chapter title that draws ATTENTION, generates CURIOSITY, and makes people take interest in what you have to offer.

4.)The reason why 98% of the coaches don’t get mainstream attention is that they don’t take an initiative to understand what the masses want & they just can’t stop talking in JARGON.

5.) STORYTELLING is a powerful tool to educate your audience & create a CONNECTION with them.

6.)Facebook can be a great place to start your online business.

You can reach me out for some 1 on 1 support for your life coaching biz & I’ll see what I can do.

Let me know your biggest takeaway from this post.

Any Questions – Drop them 👇

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